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You are close to the tipping point of being able to complete your divorce on your own. However, the chance of costly errors is fairly high.

You will get great value in seeking professional assistance. Here's why:

Your situation may or may not be straightforward, and not knowing is a huge risk. Figuring that out now is invaluable. The right professional help will require just a few hours of advice to help identify your risks. This means you'll maximize the value of every dollar spent, as a simple mistake could cost you several thousand dollars. If your situation turns out to be simple, you will discover if you have the confidence to proceed on your own or whether you'd prefer to hire a professional to create a tailored plan to help you through the divorce process.


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Investing in financial, legal, and tax advice to safeguard yourself and document a tailored plan for you and your spouse will save you considerable time, stress, and risk. It's a no-brainer and it's fast.