Removing the financial fear, anxiety, and pain from your divorce

Are you trying to avoid a costly trip to court? Does your divorce feel out of your control? Do you want to be fair to your spouse? Are you sure your decisions are right for your financial future? 

If this sounds familiar, you need to speak to our divorce financial planners about the Financial Separation PlanTM

Expert Divorce Financial Planning Services in Denver

Simply a better way to get divorced


We'll steer you through your divorce with a clear and actionable plan

We provide over 20 years of experience building fair divorce agreements that spouses can implement and honor.

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We'll help reduce conflict with your spouse and keep you out of court

Let us give you a way to move forward amicably and confidently, away from the courts, and protect everyone involved.

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We'll guide you away from mistakes that will affect your financial future

Our proven playbook helps you reach a fair agreement faster that will remove financial stress for you and your family's future.

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We'll advise you on steps to preserve important family and social relationships

Stop feeling ashamed. We enable all parties to make intelligent decisions and maintain connections with family, friends, and social circles.


10 key questions to consider when getting divorced

Learn what factors most affect the complexity of divorce.


You want your divorce to go smoothly, and this comes from having expert guidance every step of the way

Every Financial Separation PlanTM is tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the couple or individual.


Consultation &
Risk Assessment

We listen, assess, and advise on your unique situation, needs, and desired outcome


Docs &

We help you prepare compliant paperwork that protects you throughout your divorce


Analysis &

We guide spouses to make fair decisions that safeguard their financial future


Agreements & Implementation

We support spouses in turning verbal agreements into clear and concise court-ready documents

How complex is your divorce?


What our clients say

"Todd is compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable. When the divorce process seemed overwhelming, Todd worked with my other divorce professionals to share information that would best help me during my divorce"

"Highly responsive service in high-stakes negotiations. My ROI for engaging DDP was 20x. Knowing I was getting the best possible deal helped lower stress during challenging times. I strongly recommend that anyone divorcing has DDP on their team."

“Todd is amazing. Such a great source of knowledge, and he goes above and beyond to help you resolve your issues. If he doesn’t have an answer, he will get it for you or point you in the right direction. Highly, highly recommend!!”