With you every step of the way through the divorce process  

Your Financial Separation PlanTM is the go-to guide for staying in control, minimizing costs, and implementing a fairer agreement faster, enabling both spouses to move on with their lives.



We listen and assess your unique situation, needs, and desired outcome

Navigating a divorce is daunting, but you're not alone. We take the time to understand each couple's individual position to build a tailored Financial Separation PlanTM that clears the fog of conflicting advice and gets you on the road to where you want to end up, avoiding the anxiety and financial pitfalls that so many couples experience, and often regret for the rest of their lives.


The outcome of this stage

  A clear understanding of your situation

  Detailed risk assessment & mitigation strategy

  Outline of professional team requirements

  Tailored Financial Separation PlanTM



Help prepare compliant paperwork that protects you for the next steps

Divorce paperwork can be overwhelming. We simplify this journey, guiding you step-by-step to collect, organize, and review your documents, then create your budget, and final disclosures. Our process significantly reduces stress while saving significant time and money.


The outcome of this stage

  Collect all required documents & data

  Budget document

  Financial statements

  Review risks & finalize the plan



Helping spouses make informed and fair financial decisions for their futures

The financial intricacies of any divorce agreement are complex. We do the heavy lifting to calculate critical items like Child Support and Spousal Maintenance, provide a clear asset and debt overview, and walk you through the tax and liquidity implications of your options so you can make an informed and preferred decision and not end up being stuck with a decision made by outsiders in a courtroom.


The outcome of this stage

  Calculation of support & maintenance

  Create asset & debt spreadsheet

  Identify & assess settlement options

  Detail the feasibility of settlement options



Turning verbal agreements into written documents ready for implementation

Standard court forms can be confusing, and more often than not, they don't clearly communicate spouses' wishes. We provide customized, court-ready documents that clearly articulate your agreements, remove ambiguity, and anticipate future challenges. These documents are critical to a stable financial future post-divorce. 


The outcome of this stage

  Written document detailing all agreements

  Confirm agreements can be implemented

  Complete Financial Separation PlanTM (and your divorce)


What is a Financial Separation Plan?

The Financial Separation PlanTM supports collaborative spouses seeking to make their own divorce agreements and individual spouses dealing with adversarial situations. Based on 20 years of experience advising clients and family law professionals, the plan provides the detailed analysis and information required to make informed decisions and reach the best financial outcomes possible. Most importantly, the plan focuses on coordinating each element of agreements and court orders to ensure every decree is implemented successfully as planned.

What happens if we can't make an agreement on splitting our assets?

Suppose you can’t agree on your own for any aspect of your divorce. In that case, the Financial Separation PlanTM process employs various dispute resolution methods, including mediation, collaboration, and arbitration. If, after that, you honestly can’t agree on any of the individual aspects or anything at all, then the court will ultimately decide for you.

Do you need to contact my financial advisor?

Technically, we don’t have to contact your financial advisor. However, your advisor can save you a lot of time by providing financial documentation on your behalf. More importantly, to reach the best outcome, the Financial Separation PlanTM seeks input from all of your legal, financial, and mental health professionals.

If a new professional needs to be added to the process, who pays for it?

In Colorado, all divorce costs are generally considered marital expenses unless agreed to otherwise or ordered by the court. This would include experts of any type to provide information, analysis, evaluations, and reports. 

Once I start, can I change my mind or just pay for specific services?

The Financial Separation PlanTM is flexible, allowing you to change your mind. While choosing the support for the entire process does result in a faster finish to proceedings, you can also start with a consultation and then move in phases through the process or pick the specific services you want, like ordering à la carte at a restaurant. 

Will you speak to my spouse because I get too emotional?

Yes. Every aspect of the Financial Separation PlanTM is thought out in advance, with particular attention paid to communication. Sometimes, who says something can be more important than what is said. We also adjust the communication to match each couple's unique situation. We often communicate with our client's spouse in a non-cooperative or quasi-cooperative case, where we are only hired by one spouse. 

Do we all have to meet together in the same room at all?

No. We encourage participation and cooperation between spouses, including working on tasks together and meeting with all parties. Still, we can complete group meetings via phone or virtually via Zoom or Teams if needed for logistics or any other reason. We could eliminate three-way meetings if required, but we want to understand the need. 

What if my spouse doesn't cooperate during the process?

While we can only encourage them to participate in a cooperative process, one good thing about the traditional litigated process is the mandatory process with required disclosures, tasks, and timelines. This process will proceed with or without them and provide legal sanctions if they refuse to participate and comply with court orders. We prefer any cooperative effort but use the litigation process to get things done.

Can you work with my CPA, advisor, or attorney?

Yes. Our Financial Separation PlanTM is specifically designed to solicit and integrate the opinions and perspectives of your existing professionals and their subject matter expert tees. This is extremely helpful when they have historical knowledge of your situation.

What if we need help that my current professional can’t provide?

No problem. We have a team of vetted professionals who are experienced and versed in the unique aspects of family law and the divorce process who can help cover any jobs or provide an additional respective and independent opinion.

Do I need an attorney, and why?

We require all clients to get legal advice before signing any final documents. This can be limited legal advice from a one or two-hour conversation with an attorney. You can move forward with peace of mind, knowing you made good decisions and have a sound agreement that your spouse won’t try to come back and renegotiate later. If you find the right professional to support your goal of coming to your own agreement with your spouse and staying out of court, you won’t have to worry about having your situation hijacked and winding up in court.

Do we need a Financial Separation Plan if we agree on everything already?

If you genuinely agree on everything, the Financial Separation PlanTM will help you make it official quickly and for minimal cost. However, couples often overestimate their situation when they say they agree on everything. While you may agree on many things you discussed, there are likely many elements you didn’t talk about that need to be decided. Also, many couples feel they agree until they put their agreements into writing and realize they are not entirely on the same page. Additionally, you may decide on these things today, but what about in the future when things change? You may reach a fair agreement today, but in reality, it is leaving one of you at a significant disadvantage. Finally, you both may agree to do something terrible for both of you, putting you in financial or legal jeopardy. We have numerous examples of the above situations where couples who agreed on everything made costly mistakes.