DDP Launches the Divorce Risk Assessment

Discover a better way to handle divorce finances and real estate disputes with Denver Divorce Pros' Financial Separation Plan. Minimize risks and disagreements for a fair outcome.

More and more couples realize they can agree on many things about their separation and seek a better way than the traditional litigated approach. After many years of helping clients try to fix past mistakes from their divorce, Todd Huettner, Founder and President of Denver Divorce Pros, created the Financial Separation PlanTM, which is a proven step-by-step process that gets it right from the start.

Todd helps spouses facing divorce successfully separate their finances in a way that makes sense for both parties. Instead of expensive fights in court, his Financial Separation PlanTM uses a collaborative approach to help spouses make decisions–together. Spouses share objectives, seek opportunities, and make tradeoffs to achieve a fair outcome that both parties agree with.

Simply A Better Way

Based on a comprehensive evaluation, the plan identifies risks, formulates options to eliminate them and avoid mistakes, educates each spouse about their options, and pays specific attention to the potential impacts of any decision. It also shows spouses how to create a complete financial identity that they will need going forward.

The solutions include details on the exact timing and sequence of any action required, including opening and closing bank accounts, paying off liabilities, obtaining new loans, and transferring assets to maximize liquidity and minimize adverse credit impacts.

By incorporating the right professionals at the right time, couples control the process, stay out of court, maintain confidentiality, and receive all the protection they need.

Spouses can move forward confidently, knowing they can stay out of court while making the right decisions to protect their family’s financial future. It truly is a better way.

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